1.    Introduction

A.      A paper cup is a cup which is used for having hot brings such as tea, coffee, hot chocolate. There is a online website called double wall coffee cups which offer you customizable cups that is you can also choose how much amount of fluid you want to have in your cup. They also come in various colors and also variouspatterns that are even Unimaginable. you can also customize your cup design and also you can order funky cups for your children they can have their hot chocolate or milk and feel happy by seeing their cups.

Which paper cup should one choose

B.      as there are numerous designs available in the market like plastic, ceramic, steel etc

C.      one should remove the Usage of paper cups then usage of plastic as it is less biodegradable and takes yeah so much time to degrade

D.     by the use of double wall coffee cups so that you can prevent it from cooling or if in case if you are having cold coffee or like that it prevents warming quickly. So that you can enjoy you were hotter or cold beverage till your last sip

E.      each and every individual who have the habit of having hot drinks should use paper cups and also should promote insert row paper cups I’m on there quote leagues, relatives, family members, friends etc. and also they should tell the benefits of using paper cups better than plastic cups

F.       every individual should take initiative in reducing usage of plastic not only in cops but also in each and every household products because it harms nature like anything. In return if we harm our Mother Nature we will suffer a lot

G.     every citizen of this world should contribute something to the Mother Nature because it takes care off as

H.     the above mentioned website one should visit and see what all the things they provide end offer cups which are eco friendly and also the move down website among your colleagues and family members


I.        One should visit the hot cup factory website and check the patterns available and also you can order customizable, funky cups for your children and family members and how your hotbeverage and also promote the usage of paper cups over the usage of plastic cups which cause a lot of harm to the environment. Everycitizen should take an initiative and also bring change among their colleagues, friends, relatives. By doing this that is by using paper products which are eco friendly we can save our Mother Nature from further destruction and also one should take initiative as early as possible because knowingly or unknowingly we are doing a lot of harm to our Mother Nature.