Why Use Hitachi MRI in New Jersey?

Why Use Hitachi MRI in New Jersey?

Hitachi company makes so many technological developments that can help humans to ease their life. Similarly, they are helping the medical sector too by developing the Oasis 1.2T MRI system. It has the great performance as compared to other systems. It is an open MRI platform that is fitted with a vertical field superconductive 1.2 Tesla Magnet. This tesla magnet will now scan up to 1 mm of thickness easily. It will help multiple doctors and patients to get the best treatment possible. TheĀ hitachi MRI in New Jersey ensures the treatment of neurological, and vascular conditions, and orthopedics. It reduces the task of a doctor.

Features of Hitachi MRI

The Oasis 1.2T MRI system has powerful post-processing tools that help doctors to view 3D volumetric analysis. Now doctors can view the body from all angles just after scanning has been completed. The powerful magnets inside this system can tolerate cardiac scans, abdominal work, whole-body composing, and function MRIs. There is no need for re-scanning because of some minor interruption. Hence a doctor can attend to more people on a particular day. It is fast and reliable.

SoftSound Technology in Hitachi MRI

Hitachi MRI is made with SoftSound technology which will relax people. It even helps in relaxing children and first-time users. This SoftSound feature reduces the knocking sound which is being created by the magnet during scanning.

It is an open system that allows the treatment of patients who are large for a closed system of MRI. For large patients, a 1.2T magnet is sufficient to produce diagnostic images through the thick skin of the body tissue. Until it was not developed, large patients were sedated so that they wouldn’t panic while going inside the closed MRI system.


The Hitachi MRI machine is being used by ImageCare in New Jersey. They have had no complaints till now and provide accurate results. The Hitachi MRI system has the strongest field strength present in an open MRI system. They have used some latest software technologies to enhance the potential of certain equipment without harming the patients. This MRI system is patient-friendly and can be used by anyone.