How to identify good bath mats?

Bath mats come in various sizes, colors, shapes, and styles. To identify the best among them requires a certain amount of research.

Regular bat mats are products made from large fibers like nylon and cotton. Though it is high in absorbency and also dries quickly, it lacks in other functionalities.

Imagine stepping onto a cotton bath mat that does not have a firm grip. It moves and throws you down onto the floor. Wouldn’t that be disastrous?

Moreover, the dripping water seeps across the floor and makes it soggy. It needs immediate mopping and cleaning. Isn’t that irritating after a relaxing bath?

What is the solution to this problem?

Equip your bathroom with good aborbent bath mats.

Curious to know what could be so special about them? Read on.

  • Safe: They are bath mats made from nonslip, soft rubber, with suction cups that help prevent slipping/skidding. They firmly hold on to the floor and do not budge. They are directly used in the bathtub or under the shower as a safety measure for senior citizens and kids.
  • Absorbent:They are products made from thousands of individual shag microfibers. They efficiently absorb dripping water and prevent wet floors. They also absorb moisture and stay dry and fresh.
  • Sanitary aid:  It also doubles up as a sanitary When you stand on it, its high absorption power keeps your feet dry and clean while preventing them from getting exposed to gross bacteria.
  • Aesthetic: They are products of rubber and microfibers. Still, they do not lack in aesthetic value. Absorbent bath mats are available in various colors and shapes to match up to the décor and style of your bathroom. They are easy to maintain and are durable.