Every Bride’s Simple Guide For A Wedding Skin and Beauty Regimen

Having a healthy and glowing skin underneath all that wedding make-up is very important. Make-up should not only be a way to hide skin imperfections but should also enhance your beauty. That means that it would be easy for your chosen make-up artist to do your wedding Make-up in San Bernardino if you have naturally beautiful skin. Now, remember that achieving this will not happen overnight. So here’s what you can do with your wedding skin regimen.

Manage Your Stress

For a lot of women, stress can take a toll on their skin. Some would have breakouts, while others would experience something so much worse. We all know that wedding preparations can be very stressful. Stress will not do any good with your immune system and cause inflammation. You might also experience sleepless nights because of your anxiety, which can lead to skin issues. So in between your stressful preparations, take the time to chill.

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Visit Your Dermatologist

A year before your wedding day, make sure that you have already seen your dermatologist. Most inflammatory conditions, like eczema, keratosis pilaris, and psoriasis, are caused by stress. It is due to a weakened immune system, so the inflammation gets worse. To check these issues, it is best that you already talked with your dermatologist. Some treatments can take a long time to complete. Some would take weeks or even months.

Follow A Healthy Meal Plan

Aside from managing your stress and taking care of your skin a year before your wedding, you should also make sure that you are keeping your body healthy. During these stressful months, it would be easy to slack off not only on your workouts but also with your meal plans. So if you want to fit on that wedding dress, keep your body fit and healthy.

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Work Out Your Upper Body

Nine months before your wedding date, it is time to tone up your upper body. If you will be using a strapless or backless wedding gown, this is very important to do. This workout will not only define your muscles but also help with your posture. You would want to look your best on your wedding photos, so upper-body strength training can be a huge help to achieve that look.

Reduce Sugar Intake

Around six months before your wedding, you should start limiting your sugar intake. It will not be convenient if you have a sweet tooth, but you will be doing yourself a favor. Reducing your sugar intake will not only help you lose weight but also keep your skin bright and fresh.

Lay Off The Alcohol

A month or so before your big day, you should lay off liquor. It can help you debloat, and may you look even more fabulous in your wedding gown. Sugar and alcohol storage is usually around your hips and lower belly. So you do not want to look bloated, especially on that tight gown. So make your lower abdominal area look slim and fit by laying off the ‘booze.’

Preparing yourself for the wedding is very important. But then again, remember that it’s not all about your skin or your weight. So take care of your health. The preparation would be too stressful, but you have to make sure that your health is well taken care of.