Different Types of Glasses Used in the Car and Their Role in Safeguard the Passenger

Interesting Facts on Auto Glass

In automobile industries glass finds a wide variety of applications and are served its purpose. The type of glasses used in the auto field is different than the glasses used in the other field. Particularly, the glasses used in the auto field should withstand the harsh conditions since it exposes. The important and interesting thing is when the auto glass breaks due to any kind of reason it will not burst as like the glasses used in the houses etc. Advancement in technology helps auto industries like anything else and supports to make and design the glass burst into harmless pieces when it breaks during the accidents or other reasons. There are two major kinds of glasses that were used in the auto industries and if it gets damaged then auto glass repair st louis is a bit easy and able to restore quickly. Now will see about the type of glasses used as auto glasses.

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Types of Auto Glass

Laminated Glass: It is a sandwich glass made by keeping a polymer layer between the two glass sheets. Polyvinyl buytrl is the polymer film used in this. This sandwich is placed at a high temperature to make the perfect lamination. This polymer layer kept in between the glass sheets will restrict the burst-out of pieces while it is intended to break. This lamination provides strength to the windshield glass. Hence, if an accident happens the driver and the passenger may push towards the windshield, hence it behaves as a shield to protect them. In case small stones or debris create cracks or chips and it may happen over the outside glass sheet which will permit to repair easily.  This is used in the car as front and rear side windshield glass.

Tempered Glass: This type of auto glass is made by quenching the heat-treated glass at the desired temperatures. It has the ability to break and burst into a huge number of pieces while intended to break, unlike the laminated glass. The burst glass pieces are not having any sharp edges hence they won’t cause any major harm. It has the advantage that can easily repair if any crack and chips are found over the glass. Glas Tek Windshield Repair is one of the st Louis based companies that offer the best service on auto glass repair St louis. This tempered glass is used at the windows of the car.