Tips Of Buying Used Cars

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Once you’ve found a vehicle, follow this checklist to make sure it’s okay. I want to let you know that people here are trying to get rid of their old junk, and yes, be careful with that first, and yes, if you have a mechanically inclined person to carry it with you, please do so by all means. But if you follow this checklist to buy used cars in Bakersfield, use your common sense, and listen to what the salesperson tells you, you won’t have a problem finding good deals and saving money or making money selling cars for profit.

Get ready to inspect the car. Wear clothes that can get a little dirty if you need to, and bring a notebook, flashlight, pencil, and this checklist.

Checklist to determine if you should buy or leave

  1. Have cash ready (maybe not on hand, but ready). Cash will bring you great deals.
  2. Don’t mind if you leave the deal if it doesn’t work for you (this is very important).
  3. Test drive the car, feel everything, pull, how it shifts, how it turns, how it stops and how it accelerates.
  4. Briefly check all electronic components of the vehicle. Lights, windshield wipers, windows, seats, heater, air and radio.
  5. Check the cylinder head gaskets (this is a common problem on vehicles over 50 miles). Below is a list of ways to check cylinder head gaskets.
  6. Using a flashlight, look under the car for the frame that the body sits on. You are looking for holes, not rust, but real holes. This is happening in the northern United States. Not a big deal in the south
  7. Start and stop the vehicle 2 times to determine starting problems or check the engine lights.
  8. Once they show you the name of the car, check the name, check if the Vin numbers match (never had this problem though), and make sure there are no scratches on the name.
  9. If you think this is a good car, tell the owner to go to the local reception. If you are not sure where the locker is, just enter the name of the county and the local title office. To change the title. They have notaries on hand, and this will exclude any possibility of fraud.