How to Select the Best Yoga Mat?

It is very important to find the best Yoga Mat, as it will be your companion. Thus, choosing the best mat for hot yoga becomes very essential. In today’s article we will understand how you must select the right yoga mat.

No matter whether you are the newcomer or long-time enthusiast, getting the best yoga mat will make the huge difference to your yoga practice. At times it is quite overwhelming to make right choice with many different mats available right now in the market. Whereas most of the yoga mats work well for any yoga style, it is important to understand the differences to choose the right mat.

Certain Things to Consider –

The level of yoga will be the reflection of your yoga practice. It is important to know where exactly you stand & adapt your requirements that way.

Beginner –

The beginner is somebody who is introduced to this sport. Suppose you are doing short & straightforward yoga sessions, then getting comfortable with some basic beginner poses & your practice will range from three or more days per week.

When you are a beginner, the thickness and grip matter. Probably doing the gentle yoga styles like Yin, Hatha, Restorative and Prenatal that generally tend to focus more on the slower postures & being in the floor, you will want the higher level of support and comfort. You must select the mat between 5 to 8 mm thick that will help to protect the joints.

Intermediate –

With the practice leveling to medium intensity, you will get in the sessions that can work your muscles & make you sweat! As you are transitioning in the advanced level of the gentle yoga, you may use the mat between 5 – 8mm thickness and select mat of good quality that will accommodate the long hours of your yoga session.

Advanced –

When you are doing dynamic yoga or hot yoga where you have to do plenty of standing poses you need good balance, and your top priority will be stability and proper grip so you do not slip. Thus, the best thing will be the thinner mat, 1 to 5 mm maximum.