Pharmacy of the future: digital innovation is a must

Technology has changed the world, our habits and the business market , including the pharmaceutical sector. The pharmacy of the future is digital , just search the internet to realize it. Today we are used to looking for and obtaining anything by making online purchases. It used to be unthinkable to buy an over-the-counter drug on a website , but now it is possible pharmacy management system in California.

The digital innovation of the pharmaceutical sector is constantly expanding and can rely on the use of Big Data , a fundamental element for the pharmacy of the future . Furthermore, the expansion of e-commerce has led to the birth of online pharmacies

The ‘ digital innovation in the pharmaceutical sector is a top priority.

Thanks to digitalization it is possible to improve the assistance of care systems, reduce costs and promote the autonomy of people . Thus a new relationship is established between patient and healthcare professional, in which the former is more active in managing his own health. The ‘ digital innovation goes to meet the new needs of people , that increasing use of the use of digital services.

E-Health and m-Health

With the digital transformation in the pharmaceutical sector , e- Health and m-Health were born .

The term e-Health refers to the use of technologies in healthcare processes, services and products for communication and information.

E-Health allows the patient to use online health services quickly and conveniently. In this way, it is possible to remotely prescribe drugs or analyzes, check-ups, quick diagnoses and more effective treatments. All this is possible thanks to the use of health data available online by professionals.

The ‘ m-Health ( mHealth ) covers all services that are made available through the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and wireless monitoring devices.

allow you to communicate with the doctor;

remember when to take medications;

they are able to collect the patient’s health data.